Which Industries Are The Manufacturers Of Tape Products Used In?

- Mar 28, 2018-

The tape industry is a science and technology industry that continues the ancient chemical technology and gradually applies scientific and technological transformation.

This product is extended from the series of medical tape, divided into packaging series tape, trademark paper series tape, special tape, high temperature resistant tape series and fashionable computer inkjet series of tapes, a total of six series of products.


Its product application covers a wide range of fields, from the basic food, medicine, health materials, beauty care products, five pay supplies, cultural and educational supplies, office equipment, photographic equipment, advertising, printing, paper making, shoes and textiles High-tech industries such as electronics, motors, communications equipment, petroleum industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry and aerospace industry are widely used.

    Representative tape products of various industries such as daily use of BOPP transparent sealing tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, correction tape for cultural and educational office supplies (substitution of correction fluid), computer printed inkjet paper, and visible advertising signs PVC sticky series Adhesive tapes, bus PVC body tapes, computer inkjet advertising supplies, light boxes advertising back torch series products, highway signs (provincial highways) reflective film glass bead tape, and hidden in the technology industry behind the product such as electronic components, Semiconductors, printed circuit boards, computer peripherals, high temperature resistant Mylar tapes, high temperature resistant PET composite tapes, high temperature resistant cellulose cloth tapes, high temperature resistant textured paper tapes, high temperature resistant fiberglass tapes, PTFE Glass fiber cloth, and fashionable digital technology waterproof glossy photo paper products.

    According to incomplete statistics, the current annual demand for various types of adhesive tapes in China is already expected to exceed RMB 150 billion, and the ratio of the country's total production value is also considered to be a relatively prominent industry or product. In many industries, adhesive products have obtained very large use value. Nowadays, the use of adhesive tapes continues to expand. The adhesive industry is also constantly developing new products to reduce costs to meet the production and use needs of more industries.