What Is The Market For The Tape Industry Today?

- Sep 07, 2017-

With the rapid improvement of social economy and people's life, tape has been fully integrated into all walks of life and people's daily application. All provinces and cities nationwide have the scale of the wholesale market to sell adhesive tape products, abound in building materials stores, hardware stores, small shops, stationery stores, supermarkets and other adhesive tape (scotch tape, color tapes, Printed tape) for sale. Widely used in medicine, food, cigarette household appliances, daily chemical industry and other industries in almost every packaging and sealing. For example, according to the use of medium-sized food production enterprises in a city, The cost of sealing tape used annually will be at least a hundred thousand of Yuan. A small and medium-sized city a year of tape market consumption is also in tens of millions of dollars. The application of adhesive tape is wide, so the dosage is large, the market potential is limitless, indeed is Niedergang, second profession and tertiary industry invests in one of the ideal choice of factories.

To start a tape production plant, can be based on the size of the region, their own investment capacity, the amount of money invested can be less, generally about 30,000 yuan can open the factory. Slowly with the rapid growth of market economy, the demand of tape market is also increasing, according to the packaging magazine, industry news report, China's recent years of tape annual sales volume of about 3 billion volumes, the market prospects are very broad, can be described as an unlimited business opportunities. And tape is a traditional industry, every household's daily life is inseparable from tape, so the market prospect of tape production industry is reliable.