Today OPP Packing Tape Jumbo Roll Market Turnover Is Small

- Oct 23, 2019-

Today OPP packing tape jumbo roll market turnover is small

Today's domestic opp packing tape jumbo roll stable collation, solid deal focus on negotiation.Thick film east China mainstream 10200-10300 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day, flat, 250 yuan/ton lower than the previous quarter, 2150 yuan/ton lower than the same period;North China 10200-10400 yuan/ton;South China 10300-10600 yuan/ton.The retail market price is stable. The thick light film does not include value-added tax, which is 9,700-9,900 yuan/ton in yiwu, 9,800 yuan/ton in chaoshan, 9,700-10,000 yuan/ton in hebei, and 10,100 yuan/ton in henan.Tax included tongcheng 10800-10900 yuan/ton, Qingdao 10800 yuan/ton.

Today opp packing tape jumbo roll market transaction atmosphere light difficult to change, the firm offer to give more.Transaction, north China 10000-10300 yuan/ton, east China 10000-10350 yuan/ton, south China 10000-10400 yuan/ton.9650 yuan/ton of low-cost sources of goods exist, only limited to local areas of certain conditions for individual enterprises clinched a deal.

International oil prices rebounded slightly, giving BOPP market a limited boost.PP futures turn over red, petrochemical factory is still down individual, spot to stop falling stable, wait-and-see.Opp packing tape jumbo roll market users to maintain the enthusiasm of the general purchase, the firm deal focus on negotiation, trading is still difficult volume.Zhuochuang estimated that the recent domestic BOPP price weakness sorting, the firm deal focus on negotiation, price fluctuations of 10000-10400 yuan/ton.