The Trend Of The Bopp Jumbo Roll Tape Is Basically The Same As That Of Zhuo Chuang Information

- Jul 17, 2019-

Closing verification: Today, the trend of the clear bopp jumbo roll tape is basically the same as that of Zhuo Chuang Information. The mainstream price of the clear bopp tape jumbo roll market has risen in a narrow range, and the price fluctuates by 9900-10100 yuan/ton.

2 clear packing tape jumbo roll Market Brief

Today, the mainstream price of the clear packing tape jumbo roll market has risen in a narrow range, and it is negotiated by volume. 50μ tape mother roll East China mainstream 9900-10100 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day price rose 50 yuan / ton, the chain high 200 yuan / ton, lower than 1150 yuan / ton, Shandong area 10000-10100 yuan / ton, North China 9900-10400 yuan / ton; Northeast area 9900-10200 yuan / ton; Fujian area reported 10400-10500 yuan / ton; South China does not include VAT 0.49-0.52 yuan / square meter.

clear bopp tape jumbo roll market transactions focused on negotiations, a single talk, Shandong area 9800-9900 yuan / ton, East China area 10000-10100 yuan / ton. The market is also low-priced, but it needs a lot of support.

3 Adhesive raw material market dynamics

3.1 tape film

Today, the domestic BOPP is stable and consolidated, and the actual transaction is profitable. Thick film East China mainstream 10500-10700 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day was flat, 5.0 yuan / ton higher than the previous year, high 50 yuan / ton; North China 10400-10600 yuan / ton; South China 10500-11000 yuan / ton . Retail market price consolidation, thick film does not contain VAT Yiwu 9800-10000 yuan / ton, tide 9900 yuan / ton, Hebei 10100 yuan / ton, Henan 10200 yuan / ton; tax-containing Tongcheng 10800-11000 yuan / ton, Qingdao 11000 yuan / tonne.

The BOPP market is actively submitting orders, and there are not many high-priced new orders. In terms of transaction price, North China is 10200-10500 yuan/ton, East China is 10200-10600 yuan/ton, and South China is 10300-10700 yuan/ton. Locally low price transactions, there are certain closing conditions.

3.2 Butyl acrylate

The acrylic acid and ester market was mainly up, the raw material propylene price fell, the price of butyl acrylate manufacturers rose, and the terminal just needed to take the lead, cautiously wait and see. Butyl acrylate: At present, the first reference in East China is 8400-8500 yuan/ton; the secondary market price is 8300-8400 yuan/ton, and the low end is reduced; the primary market price in North China is 8300-8400 yuan/ton; the secondary market Negotiation reference 8300-8400 yuan / ton; South China's primary market current mainstream reference 8200-8500 yuan / ton, only for reference; the secondary market 8,400 yuan / ton. (Unit: RMB / ton)