The Strapping Line Operates According To Its Standard

- Jul 04, 2018-

The operator should have a fundamental understanding of the equipment structure, working principle, operating procedures, and adjustment methods. Before starting the operation, turn on the power supply, first let the strapping line consume a few minutes, and at the same time adjust the length of the strap, and of course listen to the inside of the machine. There are no abnormalities such as noise, smoke, etc., according to the color box, the thickness of the book or the quantity requested by the customer. After the quantity to be packaged, the package is wrapped with the outer packaging paper, and then the packaging tape is used. In bundles.

   So how do we operate the PET strapping line consumption line?

   As usual, many people are thinking about the market price of new packaging materials, which are relatively high in terms of cost. Many people have the misunderstanding of approaching environmental protection packaging belts, that is, lightweight environmental protection packaging belts are used. According to the general situation in the market, the price of the pure material packing belt will generally be 1.3-2 times the price of the sandwich belt (recycled packing belt), but it is also a ton of packing belt, pure material belt. The yield rate (the length of the practice strap) is 2.5-3 for the sandwich belt and the recycled belt. That is to say, the price of the pure material packing belt is much lower than the price of other packing belts on the upper arm.

According to the conventional practice, it is a light and environmentally friendly packaging belt with a volume equivalent to the number of 5 rolls of ordinary packaging belts in the market. The price of the high five rolls has far exceeded the market price of environmentally friendly lightweight straps. The following small series to explain to everyone.

1. Pay attention to matters

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the packaging tape, and it is strictly prohibited to disassemble the equipment during operation.

2. The operation is completed

After operating the packaged consumer line, remember to turn off the power and turn off the switch to avoid leakage and cause electric shock.

3, preparation work

First of all, we must check whether the equipment and packaging tape crossover is correct. Then we should check whether the power cable is damaged. Then check whether the moving parts can be smooth. Then we must look at whether the packaging tape consumption line can be fixed or not. Finally, be prepared. overwrap.