The Status Of Jumbo Roll Adhesive Tape

- Aug 09, 2019-

 The Status of jumbo roll adhesive tape

In the past 6 months of 2019, the key words of adhesive tape master roll market are: decline, insufficient demand, thin profit, difficult to rise, difficult to ship, profit concession, poor start, purchase rigid demand, etc.

From January to June 2019, the mainstream price of east China adhesive tape master roll market runs at 9,250-12,800 yuan/ton, with a fluctuation range of 3,550 yuan/ton and a large fluctuation range.According to the data in figure 1, it can be seen intuitively that the market price of adhesive tape master volume only maintained a high price from the end of January to the middle of February. In the following months, the market price of adhesive tape master volume went up and down, gradually offsetting the increase.Although the off-season atmosphere continues, but in late may has obvious rise.Main reason: mother roll upstream raw material butyl acrylate sudden force majeure, resulting in tight spot supply market, the price soared all the way.Driven by strong raw materials, the master volume followed the trend, and the mainstream price in east China rose all the way to 10800 yuan/ton in May.

However, the lack of downstream demand and resistance to high-end prices has limited the momentum of the rally.Market price in early June appeared all the way down, until now, 50 micron adhesive tape master volume east China mainstream price to 9700 yuan/ton, downstream just need to purchase, master volume manufacturers according to order production, temporarily weak and stable. 

As we all know, the raw materials of tape master roll are BOPP and butyl acrylate, and the drastic change of either material will cause the profit change of tape master roll market.

In the first half of 2019, the gross profit of tape master coil production enterprises maintained above the cost line in most periods.But because of coating manufacturers quotation and raw material market procurement price difference in the same period, plus the first half of the tape master volume market trading light, real volume is difficult to volume, and manufacturers eager to ship, make delivery phenomenon is obvious.It is understood that in the first half of 2019, the tape master coil production enterprise profit is thin, some manufacturers even sell at a loss, most manufacturers maintain at the cost line edge.