The Selection Method Of High-quality Tape

- Mar 09, 2018-

Tape is also a very important packaging material. What do we need to pay attention to when tape manufacturers purchase this product?

     The quality of the film can be seen by the brightness of the tape film. In general, the color of the film is poor and the tape is easily broken. The color of the high-quality tape is relatively white, and the impurities are relatively small, so that the tape adhesiveness is better. We'd better use a tape with a thick paper tube. It looks rather graded and gives the illusion that the paper tube is thick, the outer ring is large, and the tape is rolled more. It is also possible to touch the thickness of the tape film by hand, and it is generally believed that the film tape with a hard film is inferior in quality, and a tape that is too thick may also reduce the number of times of use.

     In general, the better quality tapes, the selected films are all softer, with good hand pull elongation, these are our methods of judging their quality.