The Raw Material Price Of Jumbo Roll Bopp Tape Has Declined Recently

- Oct 24, 2019-

The raw material price of jumbo roll bopp tape has declined recently


This week jumbo roll bopp tape price narrow cut, negotiate a deal.Up to the close of 50 mu tape master coil east China mainstream 9800-10000 yuan/ton, compared with last week's closing price down 50 yuan/ton, 2300 yuan/ton lower than the same period, shandong area 9900-10000 yuan/ton, north China area 9900-10200 yuan/ton;9800-9900 yuan/ton in northeast China;Quotation in fujian area: 10400-10700 yuan/ton;South China does not include VAT 0.48-0.52 yuan/square meter.During this week, linyi, shandong and hebei rubber tape master roll manufacturers were affected by the air quality inspection in autumn and winter, which restricted the production and reduced the market supply for a short time, but did not cause speculation in the depressed demand atmosphere.Raw materials BOPP and butyl acrylate high price narrow decline, support for the tape master roll is limited.

This week, the price curve of jumbo roll bopp tape production enterprises is basically consistent with zhuochuang forecast last week. The market price of jumbo roll bopp tape is stable before falling.Next week to see the price of jumbo roll bopp tape may still have a small loosening.Raw materials, BOPP need to pay close attention to PP futures trend and PP spot inventory, short-term BOPP price or narrow range shock;Butyl acrylate manufacturers currently focus on inventory, the downstream to maintain just need to purchase, the market is difficult to form a support, expected weak shock.The raw materials have limited support for the master tape roll. If the start of production in north China is stable next week, zhuochuang expects that the mainstream price of the master tape roll in east China will first stabilize the production order, and then follow the material to reduce the price, and the price will fluctuate 9700-10100 yuan/ton.