The Prospect Of BOPP Tape In China

- Aug 08, 2019-

The Prospect of BOPP tape  in China

In terms of cost, the unit maintenance of butyl acrylate manufacturers will remain for some time, or from the middle of September, there will be a small improvement, high prices will remain;BOPP film cost support gradually strong, coupled with early order support, film price has not fallen worry.The market cost support of adhesive tape master roll is particularly significant, and the Mid-Autumn festival holiday in September may boost the market atmosphere of adhesive tape master roll to some extent, the market has a lot of expectations.In general, the master tape price in September will be supported at a high level, the price fluctuation range is not large, if there is a slide action, will also be launched at the end of the month, in the early part of the master tape price surface support is strong.


Into the fourth quarter, tape master volume market cost support will gradually weaken, the market high price support market still needs more powerful news support.In addition, from the perspective of the past 8 months, the rational mentality of downstream users in 2013 adhesive tape master roll market has never appeared in recent years, which to some extent reflects the sluggish demand of downstream adhesive tape master roll market, that is to say, the operation of domestic adhesive tape master roll industry in 2013 is not significant.Therefore, the tape master volume market in the fourth quarter is not considerable, more market still need more powerful information guidance, the trend of the price still need to practice the test.

From the second half of the enterprise expansion plan, the domestic BOPP tape master volume market expansion scale is still large, but most of the first half of the manufacturers left action, the enterprise can really schedule expansion, still need to see the tape master volume market demand in the second half of the year can be effectively reversed.