The Process Of Making Duck Stretch Wrap

- Sep 05, 2019-

The process of making duck stretch wrap

Many people don't know what duck stretch wrap is.The following is a detailed introduction to the concept and principle of stretch film.Stretch film, also known as LLDPE elastic film/packaging film, is a transparent, elastic and strength, non-toxic and harmless soft polyethylene plastic film, in line with international environmental hygiene standards.LLDPE stretch film has the advantages of toughness, shock resistance, transparency and self-viscosity. No matter it is used in the collective packing of products or cargo card, it can be moisture-proof, dustproof, reduce labor, improve efficiency and achieve the purpose of protecting products and reducing cost.

The production process of duck stretch wrap must be completed in the following places: lower film unwinding: the lower film is installed on the unwinding reel, the clamp on the chain clamps the edge of the lower film, and drives the lower film forward through the operation of the chain. In order to ensure the stability of the tension of the lower film, a tension adjustment device is installed at the unwinding place.

Duck stretch wrap is a stretch film made by pre-stretching or without stretching treatment.According to several technical properties required for stretching film, pre-stretching film seems to better meet the technical requirements of stretching packaging, and such stretching film process makes its properties more huge, allowing it to be used on more packaging levels.

Duck stretch wrap manufacturers competition is actually the competition of profits, increased production also means the increase of market share.Stretching film production equipment is becoming more and more large, the number of product layers, the output also increased.Five years ago the standard cast film equipment had five rolls with a diameter of 20 inches. Now it has six rolls.Thus, the number of film layers can be increased. It is possible to use resin with lower cost and wider performance range (such as metallocene LLDPE) or butylene series LLDPE as raw materials to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.