The Principle Of The Composition Of Important Accessories For Packing Belt Production Equipment

- May 18, 2018-

Today, after seeing the trade war between China and the United States, it is not very good. The principle of the composition of important accessories for packing belt production equipment

The strapping equipment is mainly composed of an automatic feeder, a dryer (or dehumidifying dryer), an extruder, a filter, a die, a sink, a hauling machine, an oven, a drawing machine, a heat setting box, a winding machine, and the like. .


The working principle of the strapping device is to pack the straps and wrap the objects after wrapping the straps from the top to the bottom, put the joints of the straps into the working slots of the machine, drive the tightening wheels by the motor, tighten the straps, and package the straps. The belt device adheres the tape by means of friction as a buckle, and finally automatically cuts the tape.