The Price Of Duct Tape Jumbo Has Risen Because Of The Rise In Crude Oil

- Sep 17, 2019-

The price of duct tape jumbo has risen because of the rise in crude oil

Today 50 mic duct tape jumbo mainstream market prices have risen significantly, old customers to negotiate a deal.Raw materials: the market impact brought by the price rise of crude oil is still in, today duct tape jumbo volume east China mainstream market range price up 150 yuan/ton, butyl acrylate market stable in a rise, low price to hold back sales, downstream to get better.Raw material prices rise, tape master volume prices follow the cost has been rising, market inquiries and take goods have improved, some downstream face high tape master volume stocking volume is relatively cautious.

50 mic tape master coil east China mainstream 10200 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day price rose 300 yuan/ton, 150 yuan/ton, compared with the lower 1250 yuan/ton, shandong area 9900-10100 yuan/ton, north China area 9900-10400 yuan/ton;10000-10200 yuan/ton in northeast China;Fujian regional newspaper 10300-10700 yuan/ton;South China does not include VAT 0.49-0.52 yuan/m2.

 Duct tape jumbo market transaction focus on negotiation, a single talk, shandong area 9800-9900 yuan/ton;9900-10200 yuan/ton in east China;9800-10000 yuan/ton in northeast China.Market low also exist, but need a lot of support