The Packaging Industry Develops Important Packaging Design Links

- May 15, 2018-

The prospects for the development of the packaging industry in the future are good, especially the development of the food processing and packaging industry. The good momentum of sustained growth has been maintained throughout the world. However, the packaging market in the future is also highly competitive. With the growth of a new generation of young people, this part of the population will take up the main consumption power of the society. Their needs, aesthetics, and consumer behavior will determine tomorrow's packaging market.



In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's packaging has achieved rapid development. According to incomplete statistics, China's packaging industry reached 860 billion yuan in 2008. Taking food packaging as an example, in 2009, Asian packaging food sales reached 132 million tons. With the rapid growth of domestic food processing and the expansion of the growing middle class, food consumer claims are also increasing, and quality and hygiene requirements are also increasing.


There are too many competitors destined to huge market opportunities. To improve their profitability, companies must implement a brand strategy and differentiate themselves. The packaging industry is an industry that has close links with various industrial sectors. At present, China's packaging industry is increasingly complete in terms of varieties and categories. At the same time, it also has a group of world-class leading packaging companies. Therefore, packaging enterprises must achieve breakthrough development. In addition to the R&D of packaging materials, the development and manufacture of large-scale complete sets of equipment, and the widespread promotion of green packaging, the packaging design has become an important part that cannot be ignored.


At first glance, the packaging materials on the market can be varied, and the design of various commodities can also be described as uneven. Taking skin care products as an example, all kinds of exquisite cosmetic packaging are not carefully designed. This is nothing more than the desire to lead consumers to easily see their appearance, but their internal ingredients are not much concerned. Overly gorgeous packaging, in the final analysis, is a marketing tactic, and the trend of future packaging design will be a "emphasis on green" stage.


So, how to grasp the future of packaging design trends? When it comes to packaging design, there are too many concepts involved, such as cultural ambience, portability, and so on. Here mainly talk about the following points: First, sustainable packaging design; Second, security packaging design; Third, personalized design; Fourth, anti-counterfeiting design.


1. Sustainability. The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. In the long period of time, modern packaging will continue the concept of green design proposed in the 1980s and 1990s. The rapid economic development has accelerated the destruction of the natural ecological environment. With the improvement of people’s living standards, various types of packaged solid waste have increased as people’s demand for goods has increased. Environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, and people are committed to researching new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. Innovations in packaging materials are as follows: used for heat insulation, shockproof, impact and perishable pulp molding packaging materials; in the design to reduce the late difficult to decompose materials for packaging, try to use light weight, small size, Easy to crush or flatten, easy to separate materials.


2, security. According to common people's understanding of packaging, safety may be one of the most basic requirements of packaging. The earliest packaging origins also appeared for the purpose of protecting the internal objects, such as simple buffer materials such as leaves and straw. Taking pharmaceutical packaging as an example, foreign pharmaceutical packaging places great emphasis on child safety (Baby Ssfe). Therefore, when designing drugs, it is often considered whether packaging design will have an impact on the safety of children. Recently, a company developed a “Faller” medicine packaging box that is opened by the die line on the packaging box. The opening of the paper box requires a certain amount of force. This opening method is very easy for adults. However, it is very difficult for children to effectively avoid children's accidental opening and eating. As this kind of packaging box is opened, it is difficult to restore, so it has played an anti-theft role to a certain extent. It truly integrates protection and security.


3, personalized. Personalized packaging design is a kind of design method that involves a wide range of influences. It has great influence and influence on corporate image, product itself, or social effect. The shaping and expression of the packaging image is toward the natural and lively humanity and organic shape development, and it gives the packaging personality quality and unique style to attract consumers. At the time of design, it is necessary to think systematically and analyze the actual situation from different angles and positions in order to establish and understand various factors that should be considered. Such as the use of wine barrel modeling "wine barrel wine", the use of local folk theater face modelling of the "safe wine", the use of smiling Maitreya Buddha's "mouth laugh wine" ... and other bionic personalized modeling design, Its concept is unconventional, distinctive personality, prominent, visual effects are very strong! Such goods are packed on a variety of shelves and are very likely to attract consumers' interest and be accepted by consumers.


4, security. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, general packaging anti-counterfeiting technology has no effect on counterfeiters. Strengthening the visual effect of packaging design and strengthening the packaging and printing industry technology has become a powerful weapon in counterfeiting and rights protection. We can use special textured paper in packaging design, specific pigments and packaging technology such as holographic images, authentic inspection seals, bas-relief embossing, etc. to achieve specific effects, so that those counterfeit goods are too costly or effective Unrealistic, quit hard. Therefore, the innovative approach of packaging design and the technology of the printing industry that combines high-tech achievements will be combined. The pursuit of ingenious originality and unique visual effects is another direction for the sustainable development of the packaging industry in the future.