The Market For Strapping Is Getting Bigger

- Jun 01, 2018-

As China's future development of the packaging belt market will continue to increase, the scope of application of the packaging tape has far exceeded the current production and use of the industry, not only the packaging industry, packaging, with the development of national policies and industry needs, the entire The market for strapping belts has continued to evolve from the old waste recycling belt to today's full implementation of the environmental protection light weight packing belt. The appearance, application range, etc. of the entire packing belt have been strictly adjusted, and more new material belts, transparent belts, and silver have been adopted. Belts and anti-counterfeiting packaging belts, etc., said that the raw materials of the eco-friendly belts are entirely produced using polypropylene refined from petroleum, so the environmental protection packaging belts have been promoted throughout the production and market.


Operators should have a fundamental understanding of the structure, working principle, operation procedures, and adjustment methods of the equipment. Before the operation, the power supply must be turned on. The packaging consumer line should be warmed up for a few minutes. At the same time, the length of the packing belt must be adjusted. Of course, we must listen to the inside of the machine. There are no noise, no smoke, and other abnormal phenomena, according to the color box, the thickness of the elucidation book or the number of customer requests for each package, after the number of points to be packaged, wrap it with the outer wrapper, and then use the packaging line consumer line Bales.

   So how do we operate the PET packing line production line?

   Many people are always thinking that the market price of packaging materials for new materials is relatively high compared to the cost of ownership. Many people have come across the misunderstanding of environmental protection packaging belts, that is, lightweight environmental protection packaging belt is adopted. According to a roll of sales, according to the conventional conditions on the market, the price of a pure material packaging belt is usually 1.3-2 times the price of a sandwich belt (recycled packing belt), but it is also a ton of packing belt, pure material belt The tapeout rate (the length of the practice strapping) is 2.5-3 for the sandwich belt and the reclaimed tape. That is to say, the price of packing materials for pure materials is much lower than that for other packing belts.