The Main Foreign Trade Market Development Status And Marketing Strategy Of Sealing Tape

- Mar 19, 2018-

China's domestic market for adhesive tapes has become increasingly fierce, and the market has gradually become saturated. As a result, many domestic manufacturers of sealing tapes have begun to implement the strategy of going abroad and vigorously develop overseas markets. The so-called “know-it-you know and know each other” is necessary. In foreign trade market, it is necessary to understand clearly the development status of major foreign trade markets for sealing tapes in order to customize accurate and appropriate marketing strategies and achieve success.


At present, the main overseas markets for sealing tapes in China are: European and American markets, African markets, and Asian markets. Each of these markets has different characteristics and situations. China's sealing tape and other products were first sold to European and American markets. China's sealing tape was first introduced into the European and American markets because of obvious cost advantages. At that time, the price of sealing tape in the United States and Europe was still relatively high, so China was the earliest one. The manufacturers of sealing tapes that have been approved for the European and American markets have made huge profits, but in recent years, with the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, the demand for sealing tape has not grown much. On the contrary, more and more Chinese tape manufacturers have entered Europe and the United States. The market has led to an ever-evolving competition. The once-blue ocean market has also become reddening and is not good enough. The European and American markets have relatively high demands on the quality of tapes, so the profit margin is relatively better.

   The above is about the development status and marketing strategies of the three main foreign trade markets for sealing tapes. Friends who want to do foreign trade can make decisions based on their own circumstances.