The Industry Supply And Demand Pattern Analysis Of Bopp Jumbo Roll

- Aug 08, 2019-

The Industry supply and demand pattern analysis of Bopp Jumbo Roll

BOPP master tape market capacity

According to zhuochuang information data monitoring, by August 2013, the national BOPP master tape production enterprises have reached about 75, coating production line number of more than 300, the total output of 1.5 million tons.At the end of 2012, the number of coating lines in China was about 250, with a production capacity of 1.1 million tons.The main reasons are: on the one hand, coating factory profit was relatively good last year, this year more expansion;On the other hand, some small factories in remote areas, to the domestic tape master market added a new force.


Tape master roll manufacturers coating line equipment is new and old, production process wire rod, scraper two kinds, so the production speed is slightly different.According to research, the high speed of scraper machine is 180-190 m/min, the ordinary speed is 150-160 m/min, and the low speed is 110-120 m/min.The machine speed of wire rod is generally high, the high speed is 280-300 meters/minute, some are 320 meters/minute, the ordinary speed is 250-260 meters/minute, and the low speed is 220-230 meters/minute.



As can be seen from the above chart data, the production capacity of domestic master tape is mainly distributed in east China and south China, followed by north China, which has a large market share.Because of its extensive use, some remote areas of the tape factory is also scattered, for the tape master volume market to add a new force.