The Gain Relationship Of Bopp And Bopp Self Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll

- Sep 04, 2019-

The gain relationship of bopp and bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll


In the fourth quarter of 2016 and before the Spring Festival, BOPP and bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll rose to a new high. After the return of the Spring Festival, its market situation attracted attention.

BOPP rises after the festival, and then enters the continuous decline channel. According to zhuochuang statistical data, the mainstream price of BOPP thick film in east China has dropped from the highest point (February 4) to 10850 yuan/ton (March 7), with a cumulative decline of 650 yuan/ton, or 5.65%.

And bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll, the Spring Festival before the master volume of adhesive tape prices have been initially apparent fatigue.The main price of 50 micron adhesive tape master roll in east China dropped from 11900 yuan/ton on February 3 to 11300 yuan/ton on March 7.

In view of BOPP and bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll after the continuous decline, the film city and master volume market users in addition to sigh or sigh!Next, BOPP and tape master volume prices how, zhuochuang small can only say conservatively: BOPP may temporarily stop falling;Tape master volume continues to go down there is still room for surplus!

Today, for BOPP and tape master volume market trend not to say, so pessimistic situation, let it go with the wind!Today zhuo chuang xiao bian will let you taste the BOPP and tape master roll between these two strands, tell the two "love".

You are my past life!

BOPP is a new and excellent transparent flexible packaging material.The master tape is made of BOPP film coated with butyl acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive (mainly butyl acrylate).BOPP is one of the raw materials of tape master roll, which can be said to be the "previous life" of tape master roll.

In addition to food packaging, BOPP is used in the second major category of adhesive tape master roll. According to zhuochuang statistics (see table 1 for details), the market share of BOPP used in adhesive tape master roll shows a rising trend. The adhesive tape master roll industry is one of the important and sustainable consumer areas of BOPP.

BOPP and tape master roll production, achieve common profit, reduce the risk of operating losses.This adds a subtle emotional connection.

In conclusion, BOPP and master tape are inextricably linked, not only in the market, but also in all aspects of production, operation and development.They belong to the same front in different periods of comrade-in-arms, go hand in hand and develop together is the common idea of the industry development of the two products in the later period.