The Distribution Status Of BOPP Jumbo Roll In China

- Aug 08, 2019-

The distribution status of BOPP Jumbo Roll in China

China's adhesive tape industry has experienced more than 30 years of development since 1983. In addition, the technology of master tape industry is relatively mature and the entry threshold is low, which attracts the majority of investors.At present, in China, the master tape industry has formed a scale, new equipment is added every year, industry capacity data is constantly breaking the "record", and according to zhuochuang data, by 2016, China's BOPP master tape annual production capacity has exceeded 2.5 million tons.

China's rubber belt industry was first introduced from the coastal areas of south China. At present, south China, especially guangdong, is still the most concentrated area of adhesive tape industry.East China market light industry development is fast, trade activity is high, the adhesive tape industry development speed is fast, has become the domestic and south China can compete with the second largest belt industrial production area.The northern market still maintains its stable market share, but in recent years, the western market has been gradually attached importance to, and capable enterprises' trading points have been gradually dispersed to the western region, which not only develops sales for enterprises themselves, but also makes up for the vacancy of the tape industry in the western market.

According to zhuochuang's statistics, by the end of 2016, the production capacity of the domestic tape master roll market was 2,862,752 tons, the number of production lines was 502, and the average capacity of each production line was 5,702.79 tons.

In terms of the distribution of major regions, the production enterprises in east China are mainly concentrated in jiangsu and zhejiang regions. In addition, anhui, Shanghai, jiangxi and other places are also sporadically distributed.South China is mainly distributed in guangdong and fujian;North China is concentrated in shandong and beijing-tianjin-hebei region, while linyi is the main area in shandong.

According to zhuo and statistics show that China has nearly hundred BOPP tape mother production enterprises, has production capacity of the single enterprise, zhejiang yonghe adhesive products co., LTD., for the domestic production, the maximum number of production capacity of the largest BOPP tape mother production enterprises, by the end of 2016, zhejiang yonghe has 34 coating line, annual production capacity of up to 157800 tons.Founded in 1993, the company has a long history of development, stable position in the industry, with a strong voice in market pricing.

In addition, friendship group (fujian, shenyang, anhui, shaanxi, wuhan, chengdu, yunnan and other places) has 17 production bases and 94 offices in China.Yongda group, au group and other group enterprises in the domestic market share is also large;In recent years, domestic tape master volume production enterprises expand their capacity rapidly, and due to the low threshold of tape entry, many small and medium-sized enterprises are developing to large and medium-sized enterprises, the line of sight can be looked at shandong, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces and the northeast direction.

Zhuo according to a research, generally speaking, domestic BOPP tape mother large-scale manufacturing enterprises a few remain above 10, regular in 5 to 10, with 1-2 coating line production enterprise is not in the minority, for single wire coating line production capacity is relatively substantial, even have 1 coating line, the enterprise can have a say in the market.