The Difference Price Between3M Double-sided Tape And Ordinary One?

- May 03, 2018-

3M double-sided tape price and the difference between ordinary two-sided price? So what are the main factors that determine the price of 3M double-sided tape? The following three points give you specific instructions:

1, different types, 3M double-sided tape naturally will be different. Common types of 3M double-sided tape include: 3M conductive tape, 3M thermal tape, 3M conductive aluminum foil tape, 3M metal foil tape, 3M antistatic tape, 3M insulating tape, 3M double-sided tape, 3M medical tape, 3M fiber tape and so on.


2, different substrate directly determine the price of 3M double-sided tape. Such as 3M double-sided conductive tape, which uses a substrate with a conductive film, and then add a special adhesive material made. It is totally different from the price of 3M sealing tape. In general, sealing tape production costs are the lowest, so the selling price is also the lowest.

3, double-sided tape procurement of raw materials also determines the degree of difficulty 3M double-sided tape prices. The scarcity of valuables, the sales price of tapes with rare raw materials must be higher than the price of common tapes for raw materials.