The Development Forecast Of Bopp Adhesive Tape Jumbo Rolls

- Aug 09, 2019-

The Development forecast of bopp adhesive tape jumbo rolls


In the past six months of 2019, domestic master tape starts are not good, the price continues to decline, the profit is shrinking!In the next six months, the industry supply surplus situation will become more and more severe, tape master volume price trend will be more by the raw material butyl acrylate and BOPP trend and market demand.

Butyl acrylate: the recent high level of butyl acrylate raw materials, butyl acrylate by the upstream and downstream pressure increase, the extent of losses increased, some production enterprises have reduced production to avoid the extent of losses;From September to October, driven by seasonal demand, the market is expected to hit high, but the expected height may be limited;November - December, the market appears weak shock trend, but do not rule out the fourth quarter prices fell slightly.

BOPP: supply and demand factors of BOPP market, combined with the analysis of PP market trend in the second half of the year, BOPP market trend in the second half of 2019 is not predictable.Gold, silver and gold may rebound on demand, but the upper exploration space and intensity is limited, so is BOPP.In the fourth quarter, the weak shock probability is relatively large, the new production will continue and there is no positive factor on PP, BOPP wants to rise without direct stimulus.

Supply and demand side: the industry overcapacity problem will become more serious, the second half of the year just coincides with the so-called "gold, nine silver and ten", the festival including Mid-Autumn festival, New Year's day and New Year's day, gift packaging, at the same time there will be taobao double eleven, express seal on master volume demand will increase;In the first half of the downstream users continue to just need to purchase, the basic consumption of goods on hand, in the second half of the traditional festival when the demand will increase.