The Characteristics Of High Quality Clear Pallet Stretch Wrap

- Sep 10, 2019-

The characteristics of high quality clear pallet stretch wrap

Clear pallet stretch wrap is a kind of deformation stress caused by mechanical stretch device or manual stretch film at room temperature.It is a method of packaging and storage.This is a popular form of packing in the market.Imported resin and advanced film extrusion production process.It has the characteristics of good tensile performance, tear resistance, strong penetration resistance, high transparency, good self-viscosity, large shrinkage, tight packaging, and no loosening.So how to choose a high quality stretch film?What are the characteristics of high quality stretch film with you today?Details are as follows:

1. In the packaging process, there must be enough tensile strength and tear strength, to prevent the tensile tension of the tensile film under the action of rupture, and have good resistance to holes, avoid the tensile film in the winding and packaging by the sharp corners of the goods punctured, and have a good impact strength.

2. It should have good ductility and viscoelasticity.Stretch film packaging, depending on the high viscoelasticity tightly wrapped on the goods, there will be no relaxation or long relaxation time, the general requirements of packaging after 6 months can still maintain more than 60% of the packaging tension.

3. When wrapping, the overlapping parts of film and film should have good adhesion, which is conducive to maintaining the tension of wrapping, extending the stretching relaxation time of stretch film, and improving the tightness of packaging.

4. Stretch film needs to be used at -20-50℃ for a long time, and its performance remains unchanged.It can withstand all kinds of environmental changes and has good weather resistance.

5. Good heat sealing, with higher heat sealing strength and lower heat sealing temperature.

6. Its low price, waste packaging is easy to recycle and reuse, and easy to deal with.

7. Indicates whether the stretching film can prevent the moisture or water absorption of the product in the ocean or humid environment, i.e. the sealing performance after winding.