The Analysis Of BOPP Jumbo Roll Market In China

- Aug 08, 2019-

The analysis of BOPP Jumbo Roll market in China


Domestic BOPP master tape market demand pattern

 BOPP tape is mainly used for sealing and packaging, all enterprises that use sealing and packaging can use tape.The stationery tape we usually use is also BOPP tape, and it is also our BOPP tape used in logistics transportation and express package.

According to the supply pattern, the domestic BOPP master tape supply market is mainly concentrated in east China and south China coastal economic developed areas.China's coastal areas of textile, household appliances, hardware products, electronic products, food and other manufacturers dotted, and the tape industry as a packaging with the development of products.


The data on the left is an analysis based on data collected by zhuochuang.From the data in the figure, we can know that most semi-finished products of BOPP adhesive tape in China are used for sealing boxes. All enterprises involved in sealing boxes can use our BOPP adhesive tape.The second largest percentage is the stationery tape commonly used in our life, the amount of tape used in express delivery and logistics transportation is not to be underestimated.


On the right, taking east China as an example, we investigated the demand pattern of BOPP master tape.(incomplete statistics, for reference only, and the proportion of enterprises in different regions is different)

Domestic BOPP master tape market status and price outlook


Status analysis:

From the figure above, we can see that the tape master roll market is now in its heyday, and the price has been holding steady for a while since mid-august.The main reason for this is that the raw material of adhesive tape master roll, butyl acrylate, has been in short supply since the middle of August, which directly leads to the shortage of construction and the lack of delivery, and the manufacturers have no choice but to raise the quotation.At present, the tape master roll market price is more in 15,000-15200 yuan/ton, month-on-month high 1000-1200 yuan/ton, 600-800 yuan/ton compared with the previous year.