Storage Of Sealing Tape And Awareness Of Fire Prevention

- Jul 16, 2018-

Storage sealing tape is a requirement for both sealing tape manufacturers and consumers. The sealing tape manufacturer stores the product in the warehouse for the needs of consumers. The sealing tape purchased by consumers cannot be used up once and needs to be stored. Go to the warehouse. The sealing tape is a flammable item. Therefore, when storing the sealing tape, it is necessary to improve the fire prevention awareness:

Improve fire protection when storing sealing tape

  1. The warehouse where the sealing tape is stored should be kept ventilated. When the glue mist volatilized by the tape reaches a certain proportion of air, it will burn intensely if it encounters fire.


  Second, the warehouse should be equipped with formal standard fire equipment, which will be extinguished in time when the fire occurs. Ensure that the location of the fire hose is no more than 50 meters from the tape storage location and is long enough to ensure sufficient water pressure and water volume for the fire hydrant.

  3. It is forbidden to stack the sealing tape at the safety exit. It should be stacked neatly in the warehouse, and there should be enough space in each row to prevent the water from being hit when a fire occurs, so that the internal combustion cannot control the fire. Also, please note

The location where the tape is stored is not wet and ventilated, which guarantees the performance of the tape.

  4. It is forbidden to smoke and other root causes of disasters. It is recommended to post posters with signs such as smoking bans and, if necessary, to write the articles into the employee handbook.

  5. When using the tape automatic sealing machine, the speed of the tape machine should be adjusted to avoid rapid friction and cause fire.


  Fire not only causes serious economic losses, but also poses a threat to personal safety. Therefore, when storing sealing tape, it is necessary to raise the awareness of fire prevention and minimize the probability of fire.