Special Function Of Industrial Clear Stretch Wrap

- Sep 10, 2019-

Special function of industrial clear stretch wrap

Clear stretch wrap is used in many industries, is a wide range of uses, for each different industry, the use and function of industrial clear stretch wrap will be different, next we will simply introduce, on the industry contains what special functions, together with a simple introduction.

1. Protection function

As a packaging material, industrial stretch film plays an important role in protecting the goods.If the film does not have a reliable protective effect on the packaged goods, resulting in damage or depreciation of the goods, then the industrial stretch film has lost its use value as a packaging material.Industrial stretch film on the protection of goods function is various, different goods, different packaging forms, for plastic packaging film protection function requirements are not the same emphasis.

2. Mechanical protection

Prevent the damage and pollution caused by the leakage of the goods in the package or the entry of external substances into the package.The performance indexes that directly reflect the mechanical protection function of industrial stretch film are mainly mechanical strength, such as tensile strength, tear strength, falling impact strength (mark impact) and puncture resistance.

3. Good welding strength

Welding strength is also necessary to reliably protect the goods.If the strength of the welding seam is not enough, the welding seam will become the Achilles' heel, because the welding seam breaks, the plastic bag loses the protection function to the commodity.

4. Barrier performance

Barrier performance refers to the industrial stretch film to prevent oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases and aroma, water vapor and other substances through the performance, when not clear scope, generally refers to the barrier of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and other non-polar gases.Industrial stretch film on the display of goods good or bad and its own light transmittance, fog, gloss, anti-static, printing and other relations are very close, need to cause enough light transmittance and fog enough attention.

5. Light transmittance and haze

Light transmittance and fog degree are important indexes to determine the visibility and clarity of packaged goods.The light transmittance and fog degree are expressed as percentage, the larger the value of the light transmittance is, the better the transparency is.The higher the haze, the higher the turbidity, the worse the clarity.