Reasons For Unqualified Product Quality Caused By Packing Belt Production Line

- Jun 22, 2018-

The reasons for the unqualified product quality caused by the strap production line are that the thickness is not thick enough, the fusion time is not long, and the cooling time of the friction fused part is too short to cause the reason that the strap production line manufacturer breaks. The following is packaged to teach you how to solve the strapping breakage.

To solve the breakage phenomenon used by the packing line manufacturers, first use the correct size of the packing machine, or adjust the packing machine according to the specifications of the packing line manufacturer of the Linfen packing line, so that the two can be integrated and the proper benefits can be achieved. The manufacturers of packing line production line are kept for 3 seconds after the fusion, and after the fusion is completed, the packing machine cannot be removed from the packing line production line manufacturers. The second problem is to solve the problem of incomplete fusion. Press and hold the reversing valve to release the tension of the packing line manufacturer. Hold the tensioner to operate. Connect the tensioner to the exhaust valve, and then open the stop valve to ensure the manufacturer of the packing line. Package quality.

Sometimes the strapper may have a cassette failure, that is, if the strap is stuck in the middle of the roller, or if foreign objects are stuck and cannot be removed, what should I do?

First, the hexagonal nut washer can be disassembled, the connecting shaft removed, the upper turbine picked up, and the jam removed. Then, loosen the two countersunk screws on the center of the connecting shaft. Since the two screws are fixed on the notch portion of the connecting shaft, the screws must be turned on. Pay attention to the gap between the nut and the L-curvature of 0.3-0.5mm.

If the automatic baler does not come out automatically, first check whether the "outgoing tape length adjustment" is at "0", and then see if the tape is correctly processed. If it is not, the foreign matter stuck near the tape will also be stuck. Cause this situation.

The appearance of packing belt production line manufacturers should be uniform in color, and the pattern should be neat and tidy. Only in this way can they be regarded as qualified packing belt production line manufacturers, and they can be used normally in the later period. The manufacturers of packing belt production lines will briefly introduce the testing methods for the conformity of their products.

First, five samples of plastic strapping line manufacturers were randomly sampled. After removing 3m at the outer end of each roll, five 3m-long sample tapes were cut. Then, five 200mm-long samples were cut on each of the five transects, and each of the two samples was measured at 10 sites and 10 measurements were recorded. Measure the thickness of the middle part of each sample, and measure two points for each sample, totaling 10 points. In addition, for the determination of tensile rupture strength and elongation at break, five 300 mm long specimens were used with an intermediate effective distance of 100 mm, which was carried out under normal temperature and humidity, and the arithmetic mean of the results of the five specimens was taken.