Price Analysis Of Jumbo Roll Adhesive Tape In June

- Sep 23, 2019-

Price analysis of jumbo roll adhesive tape in June

This month jumbo roll adhesive tape market trend and zhuochuang information forecast consistent with the market price continued to decline.By the end of the month, the 50micron jumbo roll adhesive tape in east China was 9600-9800 yuan/ton, which was 525 yuan/ton lower than the closing price at the end of may, and 1,850 yuan/ton lower than that at the end of may.Shandong 9600-9800 yuan/ton, north China 9600-10400 yuan/ton;9700-9800 yuan/ton in northeast China;Quotation in fujian area: 10400-10500 yuan/ton;South China does not include VAT 0.47-0.52 yuan/square meter.This month, the downstream market of the jumbo roll adhesive tape is in the downturn, and the new orders from the tape master roll manufacturer are flat.Some manufacturers have a load reduction operation, this month tape master manufacturers start is still at a low level.

2. Operation data analysis of BOPP tape master roll industry in China

According to zhuochuang statistics, by the end of June 2019, the domestic production capacity of BOPP rubber tape master coil had reached 3.309 million tons, equivalent to 277,900 tons per month.According to the indicators in the above table, the output of BOPP rubber tape master roll in June 2019 is estimated to be about 137,800 tons, with a month-on-month decrease of 5,900 tons and a year-on-year decrease of 27,500 tons.The average monthly price of the tape master roll is 9901.47 yuan/ton, 482.683 yuan/ton lower than last month.

In terms of capacity utilization, in June, China's jumbo roll adhesive tape tape master roll production started down. The production rate of rubber tape master roll manufacturers was 49.58%, 1.42% lower than that of the previous month and 3.10% lower than that of the previous year.

3. View of the market after tape master roll

Generally speaking, the price of rubber tape master roll in July is still likely to fall after the market price is stable. The price of rubber tape master roll in July may be difficult to rise, but the low price may break through.Raw material BOPP price or at the beginning of the month with PP first strong, but the extent or limited;Although butyl acrylate is at a loss, but the supply has not been reduced and increased risk, the price is difficult to rise, the trend of raw materials, the tape master is difficult to form a clear and strong support;According to zhuochuang understanding, now the downstream of the tape master roll inventory is low, but the inventory digestion is slow, still pessimistic market, the purchase of tape master roll to maintain just need;Market volatility in July still needs to watch macroeconomic fluctuations and raw material supply and demand.Zhuochuang is expected that the market price of rubber tape master roll in June will first stabilize and then fluctuate down. In the middle and late part of the year, the lower reaches will cover positions, and the price may stop falling and stabilize, and the price will fluctuate 9300-9800 yuan/ton.