PET Packing Belt Production Line Intelligent Control Produced By OPALUS Machinery!

- May 17, 2018-

Give everyone a look at the latest PIT strapping line. A PET packaging belt production line is indispensable for its stretching system. Moving the PET film stretching concept to the PET strapping line will definitely give it a better, more uniform and more stable stretching effect. The use of infrared heating lamp as an auxiliary heating can make the stretching point stable in the area where it should appear. At the same time, the use of an oversized direct drawing roller with a diameter of 320-450mm makes its advantages more prominent. The speed of the large roll diameter will be lower. Compared with the roll speed of 210 mm in diameter, the roll speed of 450 mm in diameter will be reduced by more than 50 percent, which is conducive to improving the spinning speed and improving the stand-alone output. Of course the large diameter draw rolls will provide a larger heating area. Each time there are 1-6 shots, it can meet the requirements of different daily productions. It should be said that in the production of PET strapping we produce, as long as the melt provided by the extruder is sufficient, the rest of the process is fully coordinated. .


Jia Tuo plastic machinery company's PET strap production line due to the use of advanced technology and design concepts, in addition to high quality, large production advantages, but also have the following characteristics:

Dosing and mixing

Preheating and drying automatic cycle;

Uniform plasticization, stable extrusion and fine temperature control;

Metering pumps ensure stable continuous operation.

Packing belts (PP, PET) are divided into PP packing belts (also known as polypropylene packing belts) and PET packing belts (also called plastic packing belts). They are produced using polypropylene and PET polyester as raw materials respectively. They are suitable for packaging different light and heavy objects. need. Brief description: PP packing belts and PET packing belts are all widely used plastic environmental protection packing belts. PP packing belts have been produced in China for more than 30 years. PET packing belts have been produced in China for more than 20 years.