PEST Analysis Of Bopp Jumbo Roll Manufacturer In China

- Sep 04, 2019-

PEST analysis of bopp jumbo roll manufacturer in China


The so-called "PEST" analysis of bopp jumbo roll manufacturer in China refers to the analysis of political, economic, social and technical factors to determine the impact of these factors on the development of master tape industry strategic management process.

1. Political factors -- P (political)

The industry standard

Bopp jumbo roll manufacturer in China is implemented according to QB/ t2422-98 standard issued by state bureau of light industry on December 28, 1998 and implemented on July 1, 1999.This standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and marks, packaging, transportation and storage of BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for sealing boxes.Due to the characteristics of the tape product, its industry standard is difficult to be modified in a short time.


On April 28, premier li keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the state council, which decided to cut tariffs on some foreign commodities on a pilot basis and adjust policies on consumption taxes on some commodities.The hope is to ease the large-scale daigou and overseas travel shopping boom, guiding the return of trillion overseas consumption.The increase in the flow of customs products will support the increase in the use of adhesive tape.

The state administration of taxation has issued notice no. 18 of 2015 to adjust the management of general taxpayers of value-added tax.To sort out the changes of the old and new policies, the following seven points deserve our attention:Changes in the administrative authority;Submit forms for adjustment;Registration forms to be completed;The effective date is optional;Relevant procedures are adjusted;Administrative measures to be issued.

Environmental protection

The environmental protection industry is connected with both economic growth and people's livelihood. It is not only an emerging industry supporting economic growth, but also an industry benefiting people's livelihood.Tape master roll belongs to light industry, which causes less pollution to the environment in the production process.However, the master tape terminal is facing various fields. In today's environment protection policy supervision is more and more strict, the environmental impact assessment project of newly added enterprises in the master tape industry is also more and more strict.

2. Economic factors -- E (economy)

Since the reform and opening up, China has maintained rapid growth for more than three decades.In the 2015 government work report delivered by premier li keqiang on March 5, it was pointed out that China exceeded 12 indicators in 2014, came close to 3 indicators, and made good progress in 11 indicators. The total of the three indicators was close to 90%.The data are as follows: in 2014, China's GDP grew by 7.4%, CPI was controlled at 2.0%, more than 10 million new urban jobs were created, and the registered urban unemployment rate was controlled at 4.09%.In 2014, China has made solid progress in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.The "Chinese economic miracle" has been characterized by extensive development, high energy consumption, high corruption, high investment, high pollution, high polarization, low efficiency, low wages and low added value.At the 2015 National People's Congress, premier li keqiang said at a press conference that if economic growth approaches the lower end of the reasonable range, we will step up targeted regulation while stabilizing policies and market expectations for China.In the first quarter economic situation symposium, the prime minister stressed again, "we still have many policy tools in our toolbox, and the biggest tool is' reform '."We need to make full use of the driving force of reform and innovation, continue to promote structural adjustment through structural reform, help break barriers and overcome obstacles, and achieve steady and long-term growth of the Chinese economy.

BOPP tape master roll industry entry threshold is low, the technology is relatively sophisticated, the requirements for economic development level is not strong, the speed of economic development on the industry is relatively limited.

3. Social factors -- S (social)

Tape master roll manufacturers and processors are mostly people with low education background, low education level, industry people lack of sensitivity to the industry development, there are blind obedience, no organization, no planning and other characteristics.

Industry distribution is divided according to different levels of regional economic development. East China, south China and north China are relatively concentrated, while northeast and west China are relatively few.

There is a lack of unified standard regulatory agencies in the industry, and the product quality of enterprises has obvious differences, and there are different perceptions of the completion of product quality.

Later there will still be a batch of fresh blood into the domestic tape master roll industry.The collision of new and old customers will generate more new ideas for the development of the industry;With the continuous enrichment of social experience, there will be more development direction of the industry;As the industry's batch of survival of the fittest competition, there will be more experience to meet the challenges.

4. Technical factors -- T (technology)

In April 2015, zhuochuang information conducted a survey on the production line of the master tape industry in China.Research results show that: China's tape master roll industry started in the 1980s, up to now, has been developed for more than 30 years, the industry has been relatively sophisticated technology, equipment update has been several generations.

According to zhuochuang research, the current domestic coating line equipment is new and old, production and supply of wire rod, scraper, so the production speed is slightly different.At present, the high speed of scraper machine is 180-190 meters per minute, the ordinary speed is 150-160 meters per minute, and the low speed is 110-120 meters per minute.The machine speed of wire rod is generally high, the high speed is 280-300 meters/minute, some are 320 meters/minute, the ordinary speed is 250-260 meters/minute, and the low speed is 220-230 meters/minute.When the tape was first introduced into China, the production speed varied from 30 to 50 meters per minute.It can be seen that the tape master coated line development speed!

BOPP tape master roll coating to scraper and wire rod, scraper is an old-fashioned coating.The price difference between the two is obvious, scraper hundreds of thousands of can, line bar grade, the minimum of more than 1 million, zhejiang area has coating factory machine in about 1.8 -2 million.To wire rod coating, speed, product level off, good thickness, high yield, but the relative quality of raw materials is also high, coating master level also has certain requirements.

At the beginning of the development of adhesive tape, flowing into the market for 1.3m ordinary coating line, and the current master tape market coating line is widely used, the width of 0.5 meters, 1 meters, 1.3 meters and 1.6 meters, each width due to its own advantages have different USES.

1.3 meters of the production line still with 80% of the market share in coating, 0.5 meters, 1.6 meters of equipment evenly matched, 1 meter in the market only a small part.Above is the overall coating market structure, for a single manufacturer, due to different enterprise development focus, its use is different.For example, Shanghai huicheng tape factory, as east China region express with the largest supply of tape enterprises, the number of its small coating line is in the majority, according to the statistics of manufacturers a total of 13 coating line, 500 there are 6, in printing, printing word, occupied the local market share of a larger number.

From many machinery factories we know that the current coating machine is not only towards the direction of automation, digital, energy-saving development, more towards the efficient, multi-functional development.In the future, the replacement of old and new machines will become a common phenomenon, coating machine optimization and progress, also determines the development of BOPP tape master roll industry.

The macro environment is relatively stable and the development of the industry still needs enterprises to make progress

Through the above analysis, we can see that the policy, economy, humanities and technical support have all developed to a relatively stable level.Four factors, in addition to the technical aspects still have room for development, the impact of other factors on the tape master roll industry has little change.The tape master roll industry has a low entry threshold and mature equipment technology, attracting everyone with entrepreneurial dreams. However, according to the gross profit data tracked by zhuochuang in recent years, the profitability of the enterprise is shrinking, and the business model and development direction of the enterprise need to be adjusted.In the era of increasing number of industry entrants, the industry insiders should keep innovating and seek more development directions.If you stand still, you will inevitably be eliminated.