PE Polyethylene (PE Stretch Film) Raw Materials Continue To Rise

- May 16, 2018-

In recent days, the raw materials for BOPP tapes and PE stretch films have continued to rise. Companies need to place orders for orders quickly!



OPALUS Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. latest report:

This week, the market price of polyethylene dollars continued to rise, and the number of rising varieties increased from last week. During the Ramadan in the Middle East, supply of external disk suppliers became tighter. With the rise of the domestic renminbi market, the US dollar market continued its upward trend. Low-voltage market film material is not much cheap goods, there are Saudi Arabia, Iranian goods, Qatar and other sources at the low 1130-1140 US dollars / ton offer, Thai goods offer 1,180 US dollars / ton, heard a real deal in the 1180 US dollars / ton, far Letter of Credit. Brushed Indian goods were sold at US$1,180/tonne, and Thai and Malaysian supply quotes were also higher. Hollow market prices are basically stable, with Saudi and Iranian goods quoted at US$1,120-1,180/tonne. It is reported that Singapore Phillips will begin to overhaul low-voltage devices next week, and it is expected that it will support the market's film material and hollow price. The injection molding market followed the rising trend of the mainstream market, but the supply of goods in the market was limited, mainly to Iranian goods. In the high-pressure market, there were no heavy sales. The main reason was that the prices of traders rose, low-priced goods decreased, and high-level sources of goods were concentrated in some of the Middle East sources in southern China. Linear varieties are driven by demand and have a good uptrend. In particular, sources such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in southern China are quoting at US$1,180-1,200/tonne, and Iranian sources of supply are at a low price range. For foreign suppliers to the Chinese market, this week Saudi Arabian suppliers quoted high pressure at 1170-1180 USD/ton, low pressure at 1150 USD/ton, linear at 1190 USD/ton, Thailand suppliers at low pressure of 1165-1170 USD/ton, and high pressure at 1190. USD/ton.