Pay Attention To Sealing Tape Adhesive Safety

- Apr 03, 2018-

In recent years, the safety of sealing tape adhesives has attracted people's attention. People's requirements for sealing tapes are no longer limited to stickiness, they are sticky, and they also need to take into account the safety issues of adhesive tapes in carton sealers.


    The environmental protection and safety of sealing tape adhesives are also one of the factors that must be considered. Solvent-based adhesives use a large amount of organic solvents, which not only seriously pollute the environment, harm human health, but also cause fires. Therefore, they should be as water-based or as free as possible. Solvent adhesives.

    Sealing tapes have different requirements for adhesives for different uses of paper products. General paper containers only require sufficient adhesive strength during storage and transportation. For food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical packaging, in addition to adhesive strength requirements, the adhesive used must be odorless, Non-toxic, in line with national safety and health regulations and environmental protection requirements. Some ingredients in the adhesive, such as accelerators, plasticizers, antioxidants, etc., may transfer to the inner surface of the packaging material and contaminate the food and must therefore be limited. In addition to the sealing tape, the various resistances of the adhesive should also be investigated according to the specific application of the paper product, such as heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, and the like.

    The safety of sealing tape adhesives needs attention, and this is also one of the standards that buyers will purchase in the future when purchasing sealing tapes. Therefore, sealing tape manufacturers need to pay special attention when producing sealing tapes.