Packing Tape And Stretch Film Play An Important Role In Modern Logistics

- Apr 17, 2018-

The Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Transport Bureau, the General Administration of Customs, the State Post Bureau, and the National Standards Commission jointly issued the “National Special Plan for the Development of Electronic Commerce Logistics (2016-2020)”, proposing to speed up the development of e-commerce logistics, reduce logistics costs, and improve Efficiency of circulation.

Sealing tape in the logistics industry


In recent years, the development of e-commerce has brought about rapid growth in demand for storage and distribution of animal streams. In 2015, China’s e-commerce transaction volume is expected to be 20.8 trillion yuan, an increase of approximately 27% year-on-year. The nationwide online retail transaction volume was 3.88 trillion yuan, an increase of 33.3% year-on-year, of which physical retail sales of online goods was 3.24 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.6% year-on-year.

At the same time, in 2015, the total volume of national express delivery service companies completed 20.67 billion, an increase of 48% year-on-year, of which approximately 70% came from domestic e-commerce delivery needs. The e-commerce business's explosive growth, followed by its supporting development is the logistics industry, and this year, a large number of logistics express companies that are standing at the outlet, such as: SF Express, STO, Yuantong Express, Debon Logistics, etc. have shown an outbreak Growth and expansion. Logistics express products can not do without the support of the packaging industry, sealing tape manufacturers and stretch film companies and other companies also played a significant role in the development of the industry, sealing tape is mainly used for packaging of small products, use It is very convenient and fast. According to the statistics of the relevant agencies, the sealing tapes produced by the single Chinese express delivery industry can circle the earth for several hundred laps, but this is not a small amount. Stretch film is more often used in the logistics industry. The products of logistics companies are stacked on the card board. In order to prevent collapse, the goods are often tied with a stretch film for several rounds, so that it is not easy to collapse.

With the further development of the logistics and express delivery industry, the amount of packaging products such as sealing tape and stretch film will increase, which is undoubtedly a good opportunity for the development of sealing tape manufacturers and stretch film manufacturers. Si tape is also the production of sealing adhesive tape, stretch film, printing adhesive tape manufacturers, will also strive to control costs, improve product quality, and strive to make greater contributions to China's e-commerce and logistics industry!