Market Price Analysis Of Bopp Jumbo

- Sep 12, 2019-

Market price analysis of bopp jumbo

According to zhuochuang's statistics, by the end of August 2019, the domestic bopp jumbo capacity reached 3.3371 million tons, equivalent to a monthly output of 280,300 tons.In August 2019, the output of bopp jumbo was about 138,300 tons, 0.49 million tons lower than the previous month and 0.38 million tons lower than the previous year.The average monthly price of master tape roll this month is 10034.09 yuan/ton, which is 105.83 yuan/ton higher than last month.

In terms of the starting load rate, in August, the starting load rate of bopp jumbo in China decreased to 49.33%, 2.19 percentage points lower than the previous month and 6.49 percentage points lower than the previous year.

Market supply analysis: according to zhuochuang, anhui youfa new 2 1.3m coating lines this month;Downstream linyi market due to fall and winter air management start to reduce, has not been restored.

In general, in September, the bopp jumbo volume market price narrow shock mainly, the demand side to wait;Raw material BOPP price or first stable, weak shock;The market for butyl acrylate is uncertain, with supply concerns, but weak downstream demand could weigh on prices.Raw materials on the whole tape master volume support is limited, the focus should pay more attention to late September National Day before the downstream production limit, demand may be smaller than in previous years.Zhuochuang expects that the market price of adhesive tape master roll in September will be stable first and then weak. It pays close attention to the dynamics of raw materials and demand, and the price fluctuates by RMB 9,700-10,500 / ton.