Main Characteristics Of Bopp Packing Tape

- Sep 07, 2017-

High-quality and high-performance tape even in extreme weather, its performance is good, suitable for storage of goods in warehouses, container shipments and to prevent the theft of goods, illegal opening and so on. Supply up to 6 colors and different sizes of the form of neutral and personalized sealing tape


Instantaneous adhesive force--The sealing tape is the glue.

Fixed ability--even with very small pressure, you can stick to the workpiece according to your idea.

Easy to rip--easy to tear off with a roll without tape stretching and dragging.

Controlled expansion-The sealing tape can be pulled off the tape in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.

Compliance--The sealing tape can easily adapt to the curve shape.

Thin type--the sealing tape belt will not leave thick edge buildup.

Smoothness-the sealing tape feels smooth, and it does not irritate the hand when pressed.

Anti-transfer-the sealing tape will not leave the adhesive when removed.

Anti-solvent-the backing material of the sealing tape has the preventing solvent infiltration.

Anti-fragmentation-sealing tape does not appear in lobes.

Anti-retraction-the sealing tape can extend along the surface of the curve without the phenomenon of retraction.

Anti-stripping-the paint will be tightly fastened to the backing of the sealing tape.