Machine Packing Tape Plays An Important Role In The Automation Process

- Apr 19, 2018-

In recent years, there has been a very popular word “Industry 4.0” in the world. Industry 4.0 is the first high-tech strategic plan proposed by the German government. The project is jointly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The investment is expected to reach 200 million euros. It aims to increase the level of automation in the manufacturing industry, establish a smart factory that is adaptable, resource-efficient, and human-based engineering, and integrate customers and business partners in business processes and value processes. Its technology is based on the network entity system and the Internet of Things. The so-called industry 4.0 (Industral 4.0) in Germany refers to the use of the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) to supply, manufacture, and sell information in the production, data, and wisdom. Finally achieved rapid, effective and personalized product supply. After several years of development, many large-scale enterprises have realized automation and intelligent production to a large extent. This will undoubtedly be an uncontroversial trend in the future.


     Also in the product packaging, the pace of Industry 4.0 has long been coming, from the use of sealing tape on the machine can be seen, according to statistics from Shenzhen sealing tape manufacturers, in Shenzhen ten years ago, the specifications of sealing tape All of them are hand-sealing tapes with a relatively small yardage, but in recent years, the proportion of machine-use sealing tapes and machine-made printing tapes has greatly increased, and it is still increasing year by year, indicating that more and more Many companies have adopted automatic sealing machines and used machine sealing tapes. The use of automated packaging has not only saved huge labor costs, but has also taken a step forward in the standardization of product packaging. So this machine used packing tape in the final step of automated production also played a considerable role!