Jumbo Rolls Manufacturers: Market Price Reduction Manufacturers Profit Improvement

- Sep 02, 2019-

Jumbo rolls manufacturers: market price reduction manufacturers profit improvement

In June, Jumbo rolls manufacturers prices stop falling stability failure, at the end of may prices continued to fall after short-term stand-off tape female market is still not optimistic, macro, costs and supply and demand are still many negative face, tape mother price focus is expected to continue to break through in June, prices continue to low range trade, but manufacturer fair profit.

As of today, the main market price of tape master volume in east China closed at 10000-10200 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day price fell 125 yuan/ton, compared with 550 yuan/ton lower, 1100 yuan/ton lower than the previous year, price, zhuochuang expects the recent tape master volume market center of gravity is still likely to reduce.

Recently the tape master volume market downstream shipment slowdown, demand is not obviously good, at the same time because of the tape master volume price continues to fall, the market wait and see atmosphere is rich, cautious attitude, take goods limited, downstream demand temporarily no improvement.

Raw material: BOPP raw material PP and PP futures dynamic attention, recently PP futures continued to fall, PP price volatility, inventory gradually accumulated, at the same time the Dragon Boat Festival 3-day holiday, PP inventory reduction difficulties, later PP spot price to BOPP weak support.At present, the price of BOPP east China mainstream market closes at 9,900-10,100 yuan/ton, and there are also lower prices in the market. It is expected that the mainstream price may still be reduced in the near future, and the price fluctuation is 9,500-10,000 yuan/ton, so we should pay close attention to the dynamics of PP.

Butyl acrylate is still the chief executive of about, downstream bearish sentiment strong to maintain demand;Butyl acrylate manufacturers are operating at a loss, but the overall supply is sufficient, raw material propylene prices fell to their advantage, some of them think the market still has some downward space.

Recently the domestic tape master volume market trend is weak, the new single single situation is general, some manufacturers cut prices to receive single, market turnover center of gravity.Weak demand, lack of confidence in the market, a comprehensive view of master tape prices are still likely to decline.Lower prices, but manufacturers this year than earlier earnings have improved.

Jumbo rolls manufacturers  market into price loss, price drop profit situation;From the perspective of profit, the profit situation of master tape in May was better than that in April.From the average monthly gross margin, margin tape mother may in 85.71 yuan/ton, rose 87.98 yuan/ton, high profit margin is moved up in April, in May shift of the major causes of profit, tape mother price adjustment from the original have certain hysteresis, raw material continue to cut but high price raw material to produce tape mother is not digested by the market, price of slow;Secondly, it is understood that although the market is a concession operation but must be a large amount of support, the downstream is taking the amount of goods in low take the amount of goods, even if the concession, manufacturers concession space is limited, the market standoff atmosphere is unusually rich.Zhuo chuang is expected, in June tape master volume manufacturers are still to profit little loss, small profit and high turnover as the main line, but need a large amount of support.

In summary, in June, the mainstream market of master tape is still weak, the price may be reduced in the short term, the recent price fluctuation range of 9500-10000 yuan/ton;But manufacturers profit or still in the cost line operation, stalemate atmosphere does not change.According to this year's market changes, we have seen tape master roll market changes, manufacturers need to pay close attention to the dynamics of raw materials and manufacturers orders.