It Is Important To Choose The Performance Of The Strap Line

- Jun 20, 2018-

When selecting equipment, products and equipment must be matched, such as strapping equipment. Because the packing belt is limited by the packing machine, the quality and requirements of the packing belt are not the same. It does not mean that one equipment can produce various kinds of products. Kind of packing. Some packing belts have a low price, stone powder must be added to reduce costs and increase profit margins. This kind of packing belt also has low equipment requirements. You can purchase equipment with a low configuration; high-grade automatic packing belts require stable equipment performance and precision. It's high, so you need to buy a high-profile device. Therefore, when the equipment is inspected, it is necessary to take a sample and select the appropriate equipment according to the sample. In the fierce competition in the current market, it also requires high equipment productivity and low energy consumption, so as to reduce the production cost and increase the profit margin for customers. A complete plastic packaging belt production line is composed of main parts and auxiliary parts, and the plastic extruder plays a crucial role as the host part of the packaging tape production line. Extrusion machines for packing belts used by different manufacturers are different. Currently, the types of extruders on the market are mainly classified into the following types:

A, according to the number of screws can be divided into single-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, multi-screw extruder, there is no screw extruder.

B. According to the application, it can be divided into a molding extruder, an extruder for mixing and drawing, and a feeding extruder for feeding.

C, according to the installation location, can be divided into vertical extruder and horizontal extruder.

D, according to whether the exhaust, can be divided into vented extruder and non-vented extruder.

E, according to the screw speed, can be divided into ordinary extruder, high-speed extruder and ultra-high-speed extruder.