Introduction To Double Sided Tape

- Aug 09, 2019-

Introduction to double sided tape


Double-sided tape is often used in our life, double-sided tape is not only convenient to use but also affordable.In fact, there are many kinds of double-sided adhesive on the market, the production process of double-sided adhesive here I will not say more, interested friends can go online to check, double-sided adhesive tape is paper, cloth, plastic and other materials for adhesive substrate, its components are composed of substrate and adhesive materials.Below I will briefly introduce to you the price of double-sided tape and other relevant information.I hope it helps.

A substrate double-sided adhesive is cotton paper, PET, PVC film, non-woven fabric, foam, acrylic foam, film and so on as the backing material, double-sided evenly coated elastic body pressure sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, etc., on the base material made of adhesive tape rolls or flake, consists of base material, adhesive, isolation paper (film) parts.

There is no base material

Baseless double-sided adhesive is coated on release paper (film) materials with (elastic type pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, etc.) adhesive, made of roll or sheet adhesive tape, is composed of adhesive, isolation paper (film) part.

The adhesive is divided into solvent-based adhesive tape (oily double-sided adhesive tape), emulsion adhesive tape (water-based double-sided adhesive tape), hot-melt adhesive tape, calendering adhesive tape, reactive adhesive tape.Generally widely used in leather, Ming board, stationery, electronics, automotive trim fixed, shoes, paper, handicrafts paste positioning and other purposes.Hot-melt double-sided adhesive is mainly used in stickers, stationery, office, etc.Oily double-sided adhesive is mainly used in leather goods, pearl cotton, sponge, shoes and other high viscosity.Embroidery double-sided tape is mainly used in computer embroidery. 

Double-sided adhesive tape type are many: mesh reinforcement double-sided tape, double-sided tape, Rubber tape, high temperature double-sided tape, non-woven double-sided tape, no residual adhesive tape, cotton paper, double-sided tape, glass cloth tape, PET double-sided tape, foam tape, hot melt adhesive tape, conductive tape, PET tape, textured adhesive tape, electrical tape, high temperature resistant adhesive tape, mara tape, no backing tape, acetate cloth tape, PVC tape and so on the production process is applied to all walks of life;

Double-sided adhesive: white oil adhesive, yellow hot melt adhesive, water adhesive, embroidery adhesive.

The price of adhesive tape is generally calculated by square, first we want to know the length of the tape, the width of the tape into meters, and then long times wide, in times each square unit price on each roll of the price;If you want to calculate the FCL price, it is the unit price times the number of cartons plus the appropriate packaging fee, usually less than 10 yuan.

Unit price calculation method for each roll of tape: the tape industry is usually "yuan/square meter" to calculate the price of tape, the formula for calculating the price of tape "each roll of tape price = width (m)* length (m)* square price".The price of the specific adhesive tape needs to fluctuate greatly according to the cost, because BOPP film and adhesive are both petroleum products, and the price is uncertain.

Mainly used as backlight source for mobile phones.The general price that imports wants 30 multivariate one square, nevertheless homebred now a few do still quite good.