Industrial Stretch Wrap Is Widely Used In Various Industries

- Sep 05, 2019-

Industrial stretch wrap is widely used in various industries

Industrial stretch wrap can reflect a kind of use value and commodity value, so that can increase the value of the goods, then, then, is to protect goods, don't make the goods received, not infected with dirt, can prevent all kinds of melting, evaporating, extrusion, collision, loss and polluted condition happened, also can prevent theft losses in this respect, the regular stretch film manufacturer quality is good, has a relatively good reputation, is completely can safely use this product, because the product through the layers of strict quality control.

Industrial stretch wrap has a characteristic is in circulation can bring convenient, whether it is adjustable, pin, or transport, storage, etc., at the same time also can make goods receive beautification, so that it can attract more customers, is advantageous to promotion, and stretch film manufacturer also consider for the customer in this respect, the stretch film is very beautiful.To beautify and dress up the objects, people can also change the image, which has greater commercial value and stronger attraction.

Production standard of stretch film:

1. There are no black impurities. The die head should be cleaned.

2. Minimize the surface wrinkles at both ends and the white compressed lines in the middle.

3, the paper tube must be aligned, not one side long side short.White space 1CM on each side.

4. When packing, pay attention to protect the edges from collision, resulting in the quality problems caused by the edge breakage.No rough edges.

5, the edge material is broken to cut neatly, if the uneven cut can not be shipped as a finished product.Including the production of goods at both ends must be rolled neatly, not more and less.