Improvement Direction Of Sealing Tape

- Apr 24, 2018-

The use of sealing tape is very extensive, and its role is beyond any doubt. However, the sealing tape is not perfect, it also needs improvement, so the next Xiaobian to discuss with you to improve the direction of sealing tape.


Improve the direction is to reduce the sealing tape noise

    To say that the sealing tape needs a little improvement is nothing more than the sound it makes while using it. Maybe in daily life, the number of people using the sealing tape is less, so it doesn't sound very loud, but when it comes to sealing When the box tape roll is rewinded or used in large quantities, the noise becomes particularly loud, and it is difficult for most people to endure for a long time. A certain influence.

    In order to solve the noise problem, we have developed a silent tape. The biggest feature of this tape is that it will not produce sound when it is used for tearing. However, at present, this adhesive tape has been developed for a short while and its material is different, so it is expensive in terms of price, so it is at a cost problem. This tape is generally suitable for die-cutting and discharging.

    The improvement direction of the sealing tape should be developed in accordance with this silent tape to minimize the sound of the sealing tape when it is pulled. This is a big market for packing tapes in the future. As for who wins the market first, it depends on who can develop low-noise sealing tape first.