How To Separate High Temperature Masking Tape And Ordinary Masking Tape?

- Aug 07, 2018-

High-temperature masking tape, as its name suggests, is a masking tape that can be used in high-temperature environments. It is a kind of special tape used. Generally, the heat-resistant temperature can reach 120°C-180°C, and some temperature can even reach 260. Above °C, it is usually used for fixing and shielding at high temperatures such as automotive painting, baking varnish, leather processing, painting covering and electronic parts manufacturing, and printed circuit boards.

This high-temperature masking tape is made of special substrate and glue. The manufacturing process is more complicated than ordinary masking tape, so the cost of production is much higher than that of ordinary textured paper. Therefore, some unscrupulous manufacturers have used ordinary substrates or glues to replace the substrates or glues used to make high-temperature textured paper to save production costs. This greatly reduces the temperature resistance of the product. Since the two masking tapes do not see any difference in appearance, it is difficult for consumers to perceive.