How To Carry Out Industrial Upgrading In The Tape Industry As A Traditional Manufacturing Industry

- Jul 16, 2018-

After more than a decade of rapid development in China's economy, the growth rate has slowed down markedly in recent years. Then, in the new economic environment, where should China's manufacturing industry go?


 After entering the year 2000, China's tape industry has benefited from the rapid development of China's industrial development. At present, China is the world's largest tape producer and consumer. According to incomplete statistics, China's annual output of scotch tape has reached nearly 3 million tons. This data does not include industrial tapes such as double-sided tape and high-temperature tape.

  At present, China's tape manufacturers are developing rapidly and have a considerable scale. So are there any problems and shortcomings in the development? At present, the most important development bottleneck encountered by Chinese tape manufacturers is the serious homogenization of products. The use of low quality and low price competition disrupts the market and creates a vicious circle.

  How does the tape industry as a traditional manufacturing industry upgrade its industry?

  The tape industry upgrade needs to start from three aspects: the first tape manufacturers should pay attention to product technology innovation, increase investment in research and development, improve new technologies, develop new products to meet the needs of the market's continuous development; second, tape manufacturers can be in business model Innovate, change traditional sales models and channels, and develop a “going out” strategy when appropriate. In recent years, China’s total tape exports are also showing an increasing trend, indicating that this is an important development direction; Three tape manufacturers should work hard on product quality, take the branding route, and bid farewell to the previous low-cost competition model.