Early Warning Of The Bopp Adhesive Tape Jumbo Rolls Market (20190814)

- Aug 14, 2019-

Early warning of the bopp adhesive tape jumbo rolls market (20190814)

2019-08-14 08:17

Recently, the Sino-US trade dispute has led to a slowdown in global economic growth, which has curbed global oil demand growth. International oil prices have fallen. Last week, Brent crude oil futures fell below $60 a barrel. During the Asian trading hours on Tuesday, international oil prices fell intraday. However, the United States delayed the tariff increase on some products until December, rekindling hopes for oil demand growth, and international oil prices rose for the fourth consecutive trading day. International oil prices rebounded strongly by more than 4% on Tuesday, and Brent crude oil futures once again broke through $60 a barrel. Tuesday (August 13) West Texas Commodity Futures Exchange West Texas Light Oil September 2019 futures settlement price of $ 57.10 per barrel, up 2.17 US dollars / barrel, or 4.0% over the previous trading day, trading range of 54.21-57.47 US dollars / Barrel; Brent crude on the London Intercontinental Exchange in October 2019, the futures settlement price of 61.30 US dollars per barrel, up 2.73 US dollars / barrel, or 4.7%, compared with the previous trading day, which is the largest Brent crude oil futures since December last year. The single-day percentage increase, the trading range is 58-61.5 US dollars / barrel.

Raw materials: yesterday's PP futures futures were low-level finishing, weakening the support for the bopp adhesive tape jumbo rolls market, the early film factory price was stable, and the transaction was concluded; the butyl acrylate market stalemate situation has not changed, and the market price stalemate.bopp adhesive tape jumbo rolls Raw material finishing operations, limited guidance on the tape mother roll market, stable market transactions, and maintained just needed. Zhuo Chuang expects the price of the tape mother roll to be stable and wait-and-see in the near future, with price fluctuations of 9800-10200 yuan / ton.