Brief Introduction Of The Bopp Tape Raw Material Market

- Aug 14, 2019-

Brief introduction of the bopp tape raw material market

Today, the mainstream price of the bopp tape raw material market is stable and negotiated by volume. 50μ tape mother roll East China mainstream 10000-10100 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day price stability, the chain high 200 yuan / ton, down 1150 yuan / ton, Shandong area 10000-10100 yuan / ton, North China 10000-10500 yuan / ton; Northeast area 9900-10200 yuan / ton; Fujian area reported 10500-10600 yuan / ton; South China does not include value-added tax 0.49-0.52 yuan / square meter.

BOPP tape raw material transactions focused on negotiations, a single talk, Shandong area 9800-9900 yuan / ton, East China area 9900-10100 yuan / ton, Fujian area 10200-10400 yuan / ton. The market is also low-priced, but it needs a lot of support.

3 Adhesive raw material market dynamics

3.1 tape film

Today, the domestic BOPP is stable, and the actual transaction is negotiated by volume. Thick film East China mainstream 10300-10400 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day was flat, the chain was lower 300 yuan / ton, lower than 1,000 yuan / ton; North China 10300-10400 yuan / ton; South China 10300-10600 yuan / ton . The retail market price is stable, the thick film does not contain the value-added tax Yiwu 9800-9900 yuan / ton, the tide 9900 yuan / ton, Hebei 9800-10000 yuan / ton, Henan 10200 yuan / ton; tax-containing Tongcheng 10800-10900 yuan / ton, Qingdao 10,800 yuan / ton.

The BOPP market continued to be light, and the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. In terms of transactions, North China is 10100-10300 yuan/ton, East China is 10100-10300 yuan/ton, and South China is 10100-10400 yuan/ton. Partially heard the transaction price of 10,000 yuan and below, the full amount of cash is required for settlement.

3.2 Butyl acrylate

Acrylic acid and ester market finishing. Recently, the market has been trading flat, some terminals just need to enter the market; the upstream production side has no sales pressure, and it continues to have a price, and today it may stabilize or rise; the trade side will go with the market. Butyl acrylate: East China market 8900-9000, higher for reference; secondary market price reference 8800-8900; North China market 8800-8900, afternoon offer again; secondary market around 8800-8900; Near the 9100 market in South China, the price is reluctant to sell; the secondary market is near 9100-9200. (Unit: RMB / ton)

4. Zhuo Chuang Price Index

Table 2 Plastic film price index

Index type August 12th August 13th increase and decrease

Plastic film 881.0 881.0 0 0%

On August 13, 2019, the Zhuo Chuang Plastic Film Price Index closed at 881.0, which was flat compared with the previous trading day. The raw materials went up and down, the spot transaction stabilized, and the offer was mainly organized; the terminal manufacturers waited and watched the atmosphere, and they only needed to trade more, and the film enterprises were in a stable position. Recently, the plastic film raw materials have fluctuated within a narrow range. The downstream manufacturers have no large-volume procurement plan, and the price of plastic film may fall steadily. Zhuo Chuang expects the plastic film price index to fluctuate at a low level.

5 tape mother roll outlook

Raw materials: Today's PP futures futures are low-level finishing, weakening the support for the BOPP film market, the early film factory price is stable, and the transaction is concluded; the butyl acrylate market stalemate has not changed, and the market price has stagnated. Raw material finishing operations, limited guidance on the tape mother roll market, stable market transactions, and maintained just needed. Zhuo Chuang expects the price of the bopp tape raw material to be stable and wait-and-see in the near future, with price fluctuations of 9800-10200 yuan / ton.