Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll Manufacturer: Multiple Factors Lead To Flat Shipment

- Sep 04, 2019-

Bopp tape jumbo roll manufacturer: multiple factors lead to flat shipment


The near future shandong linyi Bopp tape jumbo roll manufacturer market suffered successively, before the autumn and winter air management inspection, after the typhoon "liqima" attack;According to zhuochuang's understanding, recently the shipment in linyi market was blocked, some production enterprises had stagnant water in the factory area, and the loading and transportation were limited, which led to the slowdown of market trading speed.

Linyi tape master volume characteristics - capacity ratio

According to zhuochuang incomplete statistics, as of July 2019, shandong province tape master volume capacity reached 552,500 tons, accounting for 16.69% of China's BOPP master volume capacity.Among them, linyi master tape manufacturers have a production capacity of 421,700 tons, accounting for 12.74% of China's BOPP master tape production capacity. It can be seen that shandong master tape manufacturers are mainly concentrated in linyi.Linyi manufacturers with mature technology and convenient transportation advantage in the national tape master volume market occupies a pivotal position.

Price fluctuation "weathervane"

Due to the high production capacity of linyi region, shandong province, and the characteristics of tape master coil semi-finished products and fast flow of raw materials, the market sensitivity of linyi region in shandong province is high, and the price fluctuates rapidly accordingly.Based on experience;Rise in linyi region: dachang led the rise, while the rest followed the rise. There is less room for price negotiation and less preferential force, and the market is relatively transparent.Price decline: trade led the decline, dachang to cover the decline, the market offer price preference is relatively large, at the same time, according to the quantity of goods is not the same, there is a small gap in the space for negotiation.

Shandong linyi region tape master volume capacity of a large proportion, the geographical location is important, convenient transportation and other advantages in the national tape master volume market occupies a pivotal position, the upstream and downstream market attention is extremely high.Recent autumn and winter air management, heavy rain and typhoon "leqima" impact caused market concern.

Since July, linyi city has been carrying out air pollution inspection with great intensity and long duration.According to zhuochuang understanding, some tape master volume manufacturers have reasonable cooperation with inspection shutdown phenomenon, linyi tape master volume manufacturers overall production supply side impact is small.But according to zhuochuang incomplete statistics, linyi downstream cutting plants can reach 450-500, about 75% to 80% of the affected, downstream start is not stable, linyi market demand gap increases, sales pressure increases.

The influence of carry car respect is bigger next, send the pickup truck of 8-10 tons of adhesive tape master roll to be all for the individual to all at content shedding and manufacturer technically, majority is the pickup truck of national 3 standards, because qiu dong air manages a requirement to change now for national 5 standards, this respect delays time likewise.

Note: China iii is China's third-stage vehicle emission standard. In order to reduce pollutant emission, the engine and exhaust system have been upgraded and reformed in terms of technology, the vehicle self-diagnosis system has been added and the ternary catalysis has been upgraded.

China is the country's fifth phase of vehicle emissions standards, which impose more stringent limits on vehicle emissions such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and suspended particulates.Nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by 25 percent compared with the fourth national standard, and non-methane hydrocarbon and PM emission limits will be increased to reduce air pollution and prevent haze.

It is worth noting that the implementation of the "national six" standard is imminent. The "national six" emission standard is called the "national sixth stage motor vehicle emission standard", which is divided into two standards: ab and ab.The g6 a level is slightly stricter than the European phase 6 emission standard limit, and the g6 b level is equivalent to the average 2020 limit set by the us Tier3 emission standard.

The carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide limits in China's sixth national standard b have dropped by 50 percent and 42 percent respectively compared with those in China's fifth national standard.

According to the arrangement, the standard of "state vi" a is required to be implemented on July 1, 2020, and "state vi" b is required to be formally implemented on July 1, 2023.

Super typhoon lekima login, since August 10 in zhejiang area on the night of August 11, landing in shandong huangdao district, Qingdao coastal, period after linyi region, as early as the super typhoon lekima before landing, linyi has experienced the baptism of 1 undammed, factory warehouse have water phenomenon, but small impact on the tape mother volume semi-finished products, heavy rain and typhoon main influencing tape mother factory loading, and transportation.

In conclusion, due to the influence of many factors, the obstruction of linyi adhesive tape master volume shipment is only a short-term situation.Air treatment in autumn and winter is a long way to go, which is the only way to sustainable development in the future. As the control gradually reaches the standard, downstream factories will recover gradually, and the demand will improve.Secondly, as the typhoon rains gradually weaken, the loading and transportation efficiency will also be restored.