Bopp Self Adhesive Tapes Jumbo Roll Manufacturer :market Deadlock Or Temporarily Difficult To Break

- Sep 02, 2019-

Bopp self adhesive tapes jumbo roll manufacturer: market deadlock or temporarily difficult to break


In August, the master tape market was quiet. As of August 21, the main market price of master tape in east China was 10,000-10,100 yuan/ton, which was 50 yuan/ton higher than that on August 1.Based on raw materials and demand, tape master volume market deadlock is difficult to improve.

Into August master tape and raw materials, top-down stability, limited market fluctuations.

According to the fluctuation of the upstream and downstream prices of the master tape in August, the upstream prices rise and fall, and the fluctuation range is narrow, which is a weak guide to the market price of the master tape.Second, in August, the tape master roll market is still in a state of low demand, demand has not improved and shrinking performance, each region tape master roll manufacturers have the size of the inventory pressure;Lack of upstream guidance, downstream demand is low, tape master roll market is really difficult, but in the short term, the tape master roll market stalemate may be difficult to improve.

Raw material: the price of BOPP market guidance still rely on PP, but the recent PP futures price changes frequently, makes the membrane traded in for caution, just need to purchase, maintain zhuo chong, expects China BOPP prices in August the next period of time will still be in the "status quo" situation, a single enterprise or frequent is the norm, but all in a certain range, a firm offer clinch a deal the heavy, thick film to clinch a deal or light in 9800-10500 yuan/ton.

Butyl acrylate supply and demand is still the focus;One is the environmental protection and safety production inspection before National Day. On the face of it, if there is a demand to reduce production or stop production, the spot reserves of acrylics and acrylates in the northern market are lower than those in east China, which is relatively tight.If future production or transport is affected, tensions could arise in the region.On the other hand, we have to consider the new production capacity. Qianxin has completed the construction of 100,000 tons of butyl ester in east China. According to the plan, it will be put into the market in mid-to-late September.On the whole, there are still many uncertainties in the butyl acrylate market, which need market participants to pay close attention to.

At present, the tape master volume raw material surface did not bring substantial good to the tape master volume market.

Demand is still a short - term tape master market on the heart of a scar;Autumn and winter air management has been continued, in National Day early, this aspect of the work is expected to be only strict, according to zhuochuang and the market downstream communication that the north China area cut off users and shandong linyi individual downstream users have been ready for a holiday, the market is obviously bearish mood.And it is understood that the recent export trade orders in south China have shrunk, which still need to pay close attention to the later stage.

In general, the recent international oil fluctuations, the master tape difficult to have a direct impact.The BOPP price of raw material noodles will remain in the situation of "maintaining the status quo" for a period of time in August. It is normal for single enterprises to rise or fall frequently, but all of them are within a certain range.Butyl acrylate short - term manufacturers support price intention is still obvious, high prices difficult to rise and fall, or maintain high prices, the market about long - term, later need to pay attention to its supply side.Demand is not clear, for tape master roll manufacturers to prevent high inventory risk.Zhuochuang expects that the price of adhesive tape master roll will remain stable in the near future, with limited fluctuation and price fluctuation of 9800-10200 yuan/ton.