Bopp Jumbo Roll Manufacturer India: Attention To The Macro Economic Short Term Market Continued

- Sep 02, 2019-

Bopp jumbo roll manufacturer india: attention to the macro - economic short - term market continued

The first half of 2019 is coming to an end. The domestic PVC paste resin market fluctuated greatly in the first half of the year, and the overall price trend rose after stabilizing, and the price center of focus increased significantly.

Since 2019, the tape master volume price center of gravity significantly downward, the market is relatively depressed.In the first quarter, the weak center of gravity of the price shock, east China 50 micron adhesive tape master volume mainstream price from the highest 11150 yuan/ton to the lowest 10750 yuan/ton, a decline of 3.59 %.Second quarter tape master volume decline can not be closed, the price center of gravity continues to reduce, the market for the city pessimistic, until now (June 19) east China 50 micon tape master volume price by the high price of 10950 yuan/ton fell to 9700 yuan/ton, the price of 1250 yuan/ton, down 11.42%.

From the perspective of the monthly average price, the monthly average price gradually decreased from January to June 2019, and the high price was difficult to maintain in the first quarter.Second quarter average price cut speed accelerated, the average price gap increased.However, the international macroeconomic surface of china-us trade friction may have a new turn, market players focus on tape master roll market whether there will be a short new market.

Adhesive tape master roll upstream and downstream people's market attitude: crude oil prices today, PP futures open high, but according to zhuochuang understanding, today PP futures open high, but the high impact is limited, BOPP film city rise enthusiasm is insufficient, high prices explore up 100 yuan/ton, manufacturers to shipment;Butyl acrylate volume is limited, higher price difference, less substantial action.Tape mother market early inquiry atmosphere to improve, but real single good volumes of short duration is not obvious, some of the downstream said, temporary not good-looking state and clinch a deal the price, the market now pick cargo just need to maintain, tape mother to stay cautious, upstream and downstream tape mother market short-term or stop falling temporary stability, considering the mid to late June, phase into the end of the season and year, all funds settlement, tension on the financing side, or lead to the raw material for withdrawal of funds, poor upward momentum.Meanwhile, June 28-29 focused on the G20 summit meeting news, tape master roll market waiting for more market news guidance.

From the first half of the year, macro and fundamentals for tape master volume is good to release limited.Recent market players still need to pay attention to macro trend, on the market mentality has a certain impact.The third quarter is the tape master volume of the relative peak season, but the tape master volume trend, supply and demand is still the key.Zhuochuang expects that the market price of adhesive tape master volume has stopped falling recently, mainly due to shock, and there is no significant adjustment at present. The price center of gravity has been expected to move up in the third quarter, but it is difficult to reach the high price in 2018 compared with the high price in 2018, and the extent still needs to pay close attention to the changes in supply and demand.