Applications And Characteristics Of Waste Tape

- Mar 23, 2018-

Waste tape, as the name suggests, refers to the tape that is used to remove waste materials during the die-cutting process. It is a new product that has developed with the development of the die-cutting industry in the past few years. 


        The main types of waste tape are: masking tape, OPP waste tape, green silicone tape, silent tape, etc. The material and unit price of these waste tapes are also different, among which the green silicone tape has the highest price, followed by It is a masking tape, silent tape, and the most cost-effective OPP waste tape.

        These types of waste tapes are generally produced using hoses, because waste tapes are generally between 300 meters and 600 meters long. If they are produced with paper tubes, they are easily deformed and can generate paper dust and affect the cleanliness of materials. . The giant waste tape produced by the Giant brand has a few features such as a few meters and a long interface. There are many waste tape manufacturers do not pay attention to the sharpness of the blade when the production, the cut surface is not smooth, often leads to the problem of waste tape to pull off, the above is on the type of waste tape