Adhesive Tape Industry How To Deal With Brand Crisis

- Sep 07, 2017-

Tape brand growth takes years, even decades of hard work, but a brand collapses in an instant, possibly because of a small link that has yet to be dealt with in the crisis.

Today's mall is a crisis that contains countless unknowns and Rubik's Cube.

According to an American public relations expert, a well-known company survey: 80% of business executives believe that the corporate crisis is death, tax is unavoidable, and 14% of companies believe that once a major crisis has been suffered.

It can be seen that the tape crisis is not accidental misfortune to the company, but a common phenomenon. Some well-known foreign enterprises crisis crisis as a general recognition, even the survival pressure of enterprises, enhance the sense of hardship, Bill Gates told him: "Microsoft is only 18 months away from bankruptcy"

No, but no Subashi no brand crisis. In recent years, corporate brand crisis erupted frequently, a series of Tan Creek! "No pot pot Wang Master asked for false publicity activities," LG's air-conditioning "renovation incident", Siemens bribery scandal, "KFC" Sudan, "event, Procter and Gamble SK Incident", the first Red "Nestle" "Iodine Temple overweight event", "events", and so on.

How enterprises face the sudden crisis, calm, rapid, looking for the "crisis" as "Machine" road, which is the essence of crisis management. New Directions to find the tape.