2018-2019 The Annual Report Of BOPP Jumbo Roll Market In China

- Aug 08, 2019-

2018-2019  The annual report of BOPP Jumbo Roll market in China 

In 2018, the market situation of master tape market in China changes rapidly, and the price fluctuates greatly. Downstream users pay more attention to the master tape market rapidly.Inside year adhesive tape master roll price rises drop frequently, and violent, the market lowest price 10550 yuan/ton, highest price 11550 yuan/ton, high low price difference can amount to 1000 yuan/ton.Although the capacity of the domestic adhesive tape master roll market has been saturated, the market enthusiasm for production has not faded. Zhuochuan expects that the domestic new capacity will reach 199,100 tons in 2018, which is 6.46% higher than last year.

Looking into the future, 2019 will be a memorable year for the development of master tape volume. The new capacity of master tape volume in China continues to increase, and the competition pressure of manufacturers increases.In 2018, the cost line of master tape continues to increase, and the profit of master tape manufacturers is compressed;In addition to the impact of the direction of the RMB exchange rate and the import policies announced by some exporting countries, all kinds of pressure hit, China's master tape may usher in a new stage.

Based on years of professional research experience on the master tape market in China, combining qualitative and quantitative methods, and complementing professional theories and systematic data, the annual report 2018-2019 on the master tape market in China is newly launched.This report faces up to the development status of slice market industry