Stretchy Cast On

OPALUS PACK manufacturer specialize in Stretchy Cast On with size 500mm x 400m x 20mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD4.5-6.5 per roll. Product range:LLDPE Stretch Film,Pallet Wrap,Wrapping Roll etc.

Product Details


Product Description

1) Width: 50 - 1,700mm
2) Length: 100 - 1,500m/roll
3) Backing: polyethylene film
4) Adhesive: acrylic solvent or water-based resin adhesive

5) Printability:max 3 colors (customer logo, advertising info, etc)

CategoriessPrinting Or NotColor AppearanceBonding Strength (g/25mm)Thickness (mm)Useage
PE Protective FilmNo PrintingPE transparent20~5000.02-0.12The surface ofAluminum Composite Panel (different surface finish), Metal sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet(mill finish, polished finish, brushed finish, coating finish, corona finish, anodized finish, oxidation treatment),Aluminum Profile(different surface finish), Plastic sheet ( PVC, ABS, PS, PC, PMMA), Building and decoration sheet.
PE milky20~5000.02-0.12
PE blue20~5000.02-0.12
PE black and white20~5000.02-0.12
PrintingPE black and white20~5000.04-0.12
PE transparent20~5000.04-0.12
PE Milky20~5000.04-0.12




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